1 noun (C)
1 TUBE a tube through which a liquid or gas flows, often under the ground: A pipe had burst in the kitchen and flooded the floor. | Workmen were laying pipes under the road. | The pipe's blocked again! | a gas pipe
2 FOR SMOKING a thing used for smoking tobacco, consisting of a small tube with a container shaped like a bowl at one end: Peters filled and lit his pipe. | pipe tobacco
a) a simple musical instrument shaped like a tube and played by blowing
b) one of the metal tubes through which air passes when an organ (2) is played
c) the pipes BrE informal bagpipes
4 pipe dream a hope, idea, plan etc that is impossible or will probably never happen: Arsenal lost 4-0, making winning the league something of a pipe dream.
5 Put that in your pipe and smoke it! spoken used to say that someone must accept what you have just said, even though they do not like it
6 the pipes bagpipes
2 verb
1 SEND LIQUID/GAS (transitive usually passive) to send a liquid or gas through a pipe to another place: a piped water supply | pipe sth into/to: Eighty per cent of sewage is piped directly into the sea.
2 SPEAK/SING (I, T) to speak or sing in a high voice: A moorhen piped suddenly from the lake.
3 MAKE MUSIC (I, T) to make a musical sound using a pipe: He piped a jaunty tune for us to dance to.
4 FOOD to decorate food, especially a cake, with thin lines of icing or cream
5 pipe sb aboard technical to welcome someone important onto a ship by blowing a special whistle
pipe down phrasal verb (I) spoken to stop talking or making a noise, and become calmer and less excited: Pipe down! I'm trying to listen to the news. pipe up phrasal verb (I) informal to begin to say something or start speaking, especially when you have been quiet until then: The smallest child suddenly piped up with the answer.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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